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Domaine Spotlight: Ernst Triebaumer

Ernst Triebaumer's family winemaking history goes back a long way—over 300 years.

But the most important chapter of the Triebaumer story begain in the early 1980s, when Ernst became part of a vanguard of brilliant, dedicated Austrian producers who brought international attention to their country's excellent wines.

The Triebaumers came originally from the Krumbach region in the Bucklige Welt, in the southern part of Lower Austria. The first Triebaumer to settle in Rust arrived in 1691, a Lutheran craftsman fleeing the religious persecution of the Counter Reformation. He married the daughter of a winegrower, and ever since that time the family has been increasingly involved with wine.

The domaine first gained fame for both their dessert wines and table wines from Blaufrankisch, and now comprises 20 hectares of vines, all grown organically and following the ancient practice called Terra Preta, which might be called “climate farming”—aimed to restore the carbon balance in the soil.

It's an important part of the Triebaumer philosophy never to rush the natural processes. They consider their vines to be natives of their land, and are intent upon restoring their habitat and self-determination.