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The Top-Flight Wines Of Austria

What do you get when you add two elite Wachau estates with two generations of talented winemakers?

This weekend, it adds up to six top-flight Austrian wines you'll definitely want to get your hands on.

Join us this Saturday from noon to 4pm for a tasting and sale featuring a line-up of world-class wines from Austria's acclaimed Wachau region, all from a stable of family winemakers with a talent for terroir-driven purity coded into their DNA!

As with so much in the world of top-flight Austrian wine, it all starts with Franz Hirtzberger and F.X. Pichler.

It's no stretch to say that Hirtzberger and Pichler are the Wachau's most universally heralded winemakers—and among the very best in all of Austria.

Both are fanatic in their pursuit of optimum ripeness, work meticulously in the vines, and possess an intimate knowledge of the exquisite terroir under their control.

In Hirtzberger's case, the result is some of Austria's best dry whites—stunning expressions of the purity and minerality of each parcel. If it's possible, F.X. Pichler's name may be even more synonymous with great Austrian wine.

This Saturday's line-up will include 2 cuvées (a Grüner Veltliner and Riesling) from each of these winemaking masters—but that's just the beginning.

We'll also feature a ripe, mineral-laden Grüner from Franz Hirtzberger's son, Mathias, who's just getting his start as a winemaker, and whose wines are eager to be discovered.

The prestigious Austrian wine publication Falstaff has already deemed Mathias one of best of the new generation of Austrian winemakers, and critics have given his earliest vintages impressive ratings.

Finally we'll pour a rich, powerful Riesling from Elisabeth Pichler (F.X.'s daughter) and her husband Erich Krutzler (from yet another famous Austrian winemaking family), whose Pichler-Krutzler estate has been producing excellent wines in its own right for years.

You can find more details on these elite wines here, including tasting notes and special pricing.