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Fall-Friendly Wines From Piedmont's Best Terroirs

Fall is finally here... who's up for fresh whites and complex reds that are tailor-made for October and November?

For us, there's no better place to look for fall-friendly wines than Italy's Piedmont region—and no better way to keep the ball rolling on Weygandt Wines Anniversary Week than with a fall wine tasting featuring the region's most talented producers.

Join us this Saturday from noon to 4pm for a tasting and sale featuring the high-character, cool-weather wines of Piedmont! We'll pour 6 wines in total from 4 Piedmont winemakers, including 2 from an exciting new arrival!

Taken together, the three producers we'll feature on Saturday make wines with a dazzling array of depth, character, and terroir-driven purity.

At Tenuta Olim Bauda, the family roots wind deep into four generations of Bertolino ancestry: from great-grandfather Giacento, to grandfather Giovanni, to father Agostino, to siblings Dino, Diana, and Gianni, the trio that runs the estate today.

Their wines are equal parts practical and soulful, born out of meticulous methods and each possessing unique terroir-driven character—and that's certainly the case with respect to the round, savory Gavi di Gavi (white) and succulent, layered Barbera Le Rocchette (red) we'll be pouring on Saturday.

We'll also pour wines from Manzone Fratelli, a 150-year-old estate known for beautifully aromatic, classic Barolos from one of the greatest terroirs of the region, as well as Alfio Mozzi, whose pure, concentrated wines originate in the terraced vineyards of the superb Il Grisone site near the tiny village of Castione Andevenno.

But we're most excited to celebrate the addition of La Palazzina winery to the Weygandt family.

The estate, anchored by a Seventeenth Century manor, has been in Leonardo Montà’s family since the early 1930s. La Palazzina vineyard extends 3.5 hectares over the hills of Roasio (2 hectares around the winery), Brusnengo (0.6 hectares) and Casa del Bosco (0.9 hectares) at between 300 to 400 meters above sea level.

Not long ago, a massive, dormant volcano, called "Supervulcano della Valsesia," was discovered under the surface of the Valsesia region. The surrounding lands have been designated a UNESCO Global Geopark, and the volcanic origin of the vineyard's soil is a critical foundation to the wines of La Palazzina.

This Saturday, we'll feature 2 impressively fresh and nuanced reds from Leonardo's line-up that are sure to pique your interest in this excellent estate.

You can find more details on our full Saturday line-up here, including tasting notes and special pricing.