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More Hidden Gems From The Jura!

It's almost impossible to get tired of wines from the Jura, one of France's most exciting and underappreciated wine regions.

That's in large part thanks to the great Jura producers we're privileged to have in our portfolio, who continue to craft wines that delight the palate in unique, invigorating ways.

Whether you're a Jura enthusiast or an uninitiated novice, you're sure to find something different and exciting at this weekend's tasting. Join us this Saturday from noon to 4pm, when we'll have a whole new batch of rare wines and hidden gems from the Jura!

What makes Jura wines unique?

Due to the region's geographical isolation in the Jura Mountains between Switzerland and Burgundy, winemakers here have largely been left to their own devices, and off the wine industry radar.

Many of the best Jura producers favor natural winemaking techniques, and their wines consistently show a purity of fruit, earth, and minerals. Best of all, our portfolio producers represent the cream of the crop!

This Saturday, we'll pour 6 of our newest Jura favorites from these talented winemakers that run the gamut from a ripe, crisp sparkling wine; to a fresh, fruity Pinot Noir rosé; to red and white wines made from the region's classic varieties.

You can find more details on the wines we'll be pouring here, including tasting notes and special pricing.