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The Award-Winning Italian Spirits of Sibona Antica Distilleria

If you want to smooth out your transition into the weekend, we've got just the thing.

Join us on after work on Friday for a special spirits tasting featuring an ultra-silky line-up of grappa and amaro from Italy's Sibona Antica Distilleria, recently named "Distiller of the Year" for 2018 by Meiningers International Spirits Award!

It's no surprise these spirits have racked up so many awards—they are layered with flavor, full of character, and so smooth.

Here's what we'll be pouring:

  • Sibona Grappa: Made from a hodgepodge of varieties from Barbera to Dolcetto, Sibona's flagship grappa has a floral bouquet with accents of grape must, spice, and plum. The palate is clean and precise with more floral notes. A lovely Grappa.

  • Sibona Amaro: This Amaro has taken 5 consecutive gold medals at the International Spirits Awards. Chock full of herbs and aromatic plants, it offers layered flavors of rhubarb, burnt orange peel, clove, and other "warm spices" like cardamom. Sweet with a spice-tinged finish.

  • Sibona Camomilla: A liqueur obtained by infusing grappa with chamomile, this excellent liqueur is straw yellow with a rich, clear bouquet that offers up unmistakable notes of chamomile. Quite engaging and persistent on the palate, with distinct floral notes.

We hope to see you there!