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The Craft Ciders of Sicera, Vulcain & Lesuffleur

The holidays are coming... and you're gonna need some cider if you want to really amp up your seasonal cheer factor.

We're not talking about just any cider—we're talking imported craft cider from France and Switzerland made from apples, pears and quince grown with the same care and attentiveness as the most prized grape varieties by estates with elite winemaker pedigrees.

If that sounds intriguing and exciting, just stop by the shop this Thursday evening for a special tasting featuring 6 craft ciders from Normandy's Domaine Sicera and Domaine Lesuffleur, and Switzerland's Cidrerie du Vulcain!

At Domaine Sicera in Normandy, the Caillouel family has been producing ciders since the 19th century.

Each cider is made using several apple varieties, each with its own importance: the bittersharp apples bring structure, the bittersweet ones their flavor, the sweet ones their sugar and, last but not least, the sharp ones structure and bring a fresh touch to the product.

Likewise, the Lesuffleurs have been growing apples in Normandy for generations, but until recently were selling all of their fruit to large cider houses. Benoit, the latest generation of Lesuffleur, convinced his family to once again produce ciders under their own roof, and now has a couple vintages of experience showcasing the best apple orchards on his family's property.

Finally, Jacques Perritaz of Swiss Cidrerie du Vulcain makes beautiful, quintessentially Alpine ciders that range from dry to moderately sweet, with a wonderfully salty finish.

This Thursday, we'll be pouring 2 ciders from each estate:

  • Sicera Poire De Normandie Odette ($13/btl)

  • Sicera Cidre Rose Mariane ($12/btl)

  • Vulcain Cidre Trois Pepins ($24/btl)

  • Vulcain Cidre A Premiers Emois 2016 ($25/btl)

  • Lesuffleur Cidre Folletiere 2015 ($25/btl)

  • Lesuffleur Cidre Frairdel 2015 ($40/btl)

These ciders strike a lovely balance of tart, sweet, tangy, and spice—and are sure to add the perfect festive note to your holiday celebrations.

We hope to see you on Thursday!