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Domaine Spotlight: Domaine Collotte

Burgundy's village of Marsannay is where tradition meets value at the pinnacle of the venerable Côtes de Nuit.

It's getting harder and harder to find elite-level quality at entry-level prices in Burgundy. That's why the wines we're featuring this weekend are so special—Peter calls them "some of the best kept secrets in our portfolio."

Join us on Saturday from noon to 4pm as we pour a wonderful—and affordable—line-up of village-level Burgundy wines from the extremely talented family winemakers at Marsannay's Domaine Collotte!

If you're not familiar with Marsannay or Domaine Collotte, you're in for a treat—these wines are exceptional, both in quality and value.

Marsannay is also a relative latecomer to the Burgundy wine scene, having been added as a sub-appellation within Burgundy's Côte de Nuits region in 1987.

Peter fell in love with Phillippe Collotte's wines when he first happened upon them at 2005 Grand Jours de Bourgogne—his own account of his first encounter with Philippe Collotte illustrates how highly he regards this estate:

"I was looking for excellent Burgundies at equally excellent value. Marsannay came to mind as a good candidate, but aside from a couple of well-known producers, I was disappointed in the quality of many of the wines I tasted—that is, until I came upon Philippe Collotte. While he was quiet by nature, his passion for making superb wines was clear—and was waiting to be unleashed."

Now, over a decade later, we're still singing the praises of Philippe Collotte's wines, and we're excited to share them with you this weekend.

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