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Domaine Spotlight: The Pure, Classic Southern Rhône Wines of Domaine Alary

There's no shortage of flavorful wines in the Rhône Valley—the challenge is to find wines that are full-bodied and powerful without being heavy.

Denis Alary strikes the perfect balance, and he has over 300 years of family winemaking experience to thank for it.

This Saturday, we'll put his full (and impressively diverse) line-up on display when we spotlight the fresh, elegant Cairanne wines of Domaine Alary!

The Alary family have been vignerons for 11 generations—their involvement in the winery dates back to 1692.

For the Alarys, the key elements to tendering wines and maturing vines are tradition, passion, and "savoir faire," all three of which have been passed from one generation to the next.

But adherence to tradition hasn't prevented the estate from adapting to the times. After mastering the family's centuries-old production techniques, Denis converted the operation to fully organic in 2009.

Thanks to a full range of Cairanne terroirs—south-facing slopes with white and blue clay soils, lower terraces of the "Garrigues," the high plateau with cobbles covering underlying white and red clays, and richer soils close to the Plan de Dieu—Denis produces a varied selection of deeply flavorful and complex red wines.

As you'll see at Saturday's tasting, some Alary cuvées are powerful, rich, and full-bodied (but never heavy), while others are more buoyant, fresher, and fruit-forward.

You can find more details here about the wines we'll spotlight this weekend, including tasting notes and special pricing.