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The Wines Of The Northern Rhône

Southern Rhône wines get a lot of attention. But the wines of the northern Rhône, while stylistically different, are just as memorable, and may offer even better value.

If you're already a fan of the northern Rhône, you know what we're talking about. If not, you're in for a treat.

Join us this Saturday from noon to 4pm for a special tasting and sale featuring the wines of the northern Rhône, including six fantastic cuvées from three of our best producers!

The northern Rhône is situated almost exactly between Burgundy to the north and the southern Rhône to the south.

This is true both geographically and stylistically. Like Burgundy, the region's best wines are pure and delicate single-variety expressions of exceptional terroirs (some of the best-known are Hermitage, Côte-Rotie, St. Joseph, and Condrieu).

But like the southern Rhône, these wines are a product of a warmer climate, displaying more intensity and concentration.

And if the wines of the northern Rhône are about balance, producers like Yann Chave, Patrick and Christophe Bonnefond, and Steven Montez of Domaine du Monteillet strike it expertly.

James Molesworth of Wine Spectator Online said of Yann Chave, "You may not have heard of this domaine before, but it won't be a secret much longer. Chave is making superb wines."

And both the Bonnefonds and Steven Montez have been favorably reviewed in the Revue du Vin de France (RVF). (Christophe was pictured and featured as one of a handful of Côte-Rotie producers to watch, and his estate received a coveted one-star rating from the RVF Green Guide 2015.)

This weekend, we'll be pouring six wines from these extremely talented producers, so be sure to stop by and taste the northern Rhône at its full potential.

You can find more details on these wines here, including tasting notes and special pricing.