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The Weygandt "Tour de France": 6 Expressive Wines from France's Top Regions & Terroirs

This weather has us dreaming of biking around the French countryside in July, stopping to "rest" at wineries and fully experiencing some of the country's best terroirs.

This weekend at the shop, we'll have the next best thing.

Join us on Saturday from noon to 4pm for a "Tour de France" tasting, featuring a line-up of outstanding wines from across France, with a focus on expressive cuvées that bring out the best of their far-flung terroirs!

We'll start in the north at the western end of the Loire Valley (Domaine Gadais' vivacious and refreshing 2016 Muscadet Les Perrieres Monopole)...

...then head to Burgundy's Marsannay appellation (a 90-point 2015 Marsannay with a delicious foundation of black cherry and blackberr).

Next, we'll stop in Jura (a unique, enchanting sparkling wine from Domaine Desire Petit) and Savoie (an aromatic 2015 Rossette with layers of apricot, citrus, and spice)...

...before finishing off our tour with visits to the southern Rhône (Domaine Saladin's smooth, focused Côtes-du-Rhône "Paul") and the Languedoc (a full-bodied 93-point Pic Saint Loup with exceptional depth).

This grab-bag tasting is a great excuse to take a break from shoveling and escape your mid-winter cabin fever. You can find more details on our "Tour de France" line-up here, including tasting notes and special pricing.