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The Old School Winemakers & Heritage Wines of Northwest Italy


Grape quiz: how many of these Italian grape varieties have you had the pleasure of tasting?

Moradella. Timorasso. Croatina. Uva Rara.

If these classic Piedmont and Lombardy grapes are unfamiliar, it's because they've nearly been lost to history, and only a handful of old school winemakers have the talent and dedication to continue growing and vinifying them.

Lucky for you, we count 2 of those winemakers among our Italian portfolio, and we're showcasing their heritage wines at this weekend's tasting and sale! Join us Saturday from noon to 4pm as we spotlight a line-up of 6 beautiful wines from Boveri Giacomo and Piccolo Bacco, two northwest Italian winemakers leading a renaissance in their northwest Italy terroirs.

With humble roots in Colli Tortonesi dating to the early 19th century, Giacomo Boveri defines himself as a traditional winemaker. For five generations, the family has worked and perfected their vinicultural talents in the province of Alessandria in northwest Italy.

And in their small Piedmontese corner, not far from the Langhe region, this special producer is playing a leading role in the resurgence of a special white grape variety: Timorasso.

Together with other courageous winemakers, Giacomo and his wife Sara have thrown their passion into the variety, which yields what is perhaps Italy’s greatest white wine—full-bodied yet impossibly elegant, and made for longevity.

Piccolo Bacco dei Quaroni, started in 1905 by Francesco Quaroni, is a small family-run winery that covers more than 10 hectares in Montu Beccaria in the Oltrepo-Pavese area.

Since 2004, the owners have converted the entire estate to organic and natural cultivation. The family farms to maintain as much biological diversity as possible such as permanent grassing of the vineyards and organic compost to fertilize.

Today, Mario Cavalli makes captivating red wines from indigenous grape varieties of Lombardi, including Moradella, Croatina, Uva Rara, and Vespolina.

You can find more details on these heritage wines below, including tasting notes and special pricing.