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The Reigning Kings of Austria: Stunning Purity and Exquisite Terroir From Franz Hirtzberger & F.X. Pichler

Austria's two best winemakers are about to face off in a battle for your palate...

...and it's all going down at our tasting counter this weekend.

This Saturday, join us for our latest tasting and sale featuring the world-class wines of Franz Hirtzberger and F.X. Pichler—a rare opportunity to taste such pure, terroir-driven cuvées from Austria's most highly regarded region and made from the country's classic grape varieties.

It's no stretch to say that Franz Hirtzberger and F.X. Pichler are Austria's best winemakers.

If you've made it to one of our previous Austria tastings, you've likely heard us sing their praises. We talk about them so much because we feel lucky to count them among our portfolio producers, and to spread the gospel of purity and Wachau terroir that's infused in every bottle they produce.

Both are fanatic in their pursuit of optimum ripeness, work meticulously in the vines, and possess an intimate knowledge of the exquisite terroir under their control.

In Hirtzberger's case, the result is some of Austria's best dry whites—stunning expressions of the purity and minerality of each parcel.

Hirtzberger's approach at harvest-time (4 or 5 passes through each vine to pick the grapes only when each cluster is perfectly ripe) can be compared to Grand Cru white Burgundies several times the price of even the most sought-after Hirtzberger cuvée.

F.X. Pichler's name may be even more synonymous with great Austrian wine.

Best known for crafting wines that reflect the year, soil, and special microclimate of the Wachau region, Pichler coaxes subtle nuances out of every vineyard so that the multi-layered uniqueness of his dry white wines can be experienced through taste and smell. 

Saturday's line-up includes 6 outstanding 90+-point wines from the 2014, 2015, and 2016 vintages, all critical favorites, and all available at extremely affordable price points for their elite-level quality. Click here for more details, including tasting notes and special pricing.